Quetta Overland - Landmarks and waypoints between Taftan and Quetta


- N40 Highway safety -

This info is from November 2007.

- The biggest hazard for your vehicle are speed breakers.
- Every town and checkpoint has at least 1 - 2 or many big speed breakers
- At least one speed breaker will get you big time - and maybe your vehicle
- When you see a police / military checkpoint - LOOK DOWN ON THE ROAD....

- Starting at 12 noon @ Taftan you can reach the Padag Desert Police checkpoint
- Here you’ll be probably stopped near sunset making the checkpoint your camp
- Quetta or Sibi can be reached on the 2nd day
- The journey is the easiest when done in 2 days.

- Police escorts are possible from the Padag Desert Police checkpoint to Quetta.
- Best is to ask them to drive behind you, so you control the speed and have a clear view

- The N40 has about 339 Km of excellent road. (Iranian asphalt quality)
- 341 Km of the N40 is average to very bad.
- Poorly maintained suspension, bearings, tires and axles can add days on this route.





Drive safely!

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